Thermolite Solar PanelsThermolite Solar Panels Thermolite Solar Panels


ThermoLite™ solar panels can deliver clean, reliable performance in a wide variety of applications, resulting in longer battery life, decreased waste, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Given these potential benefits, ThermoLite solar power can be an important part of a comprehensive sustainability program for your business. ThermoLite solar panels are available in three different wattage options (26W, 36W, and 100W) to suit your application.

Features of Thermolite Solar Panels

  • Only automotive-rated solar system designed for transport environment
  • Tested for harshest SAE specifications and conditions
  • Optimized to offset controller and telematics loads
  • Greatly extends battery life and prevents costly road calls
  • High efficiency solar cells use latest technology to produce abundant power, even in low light conditions
  • Solar panel kits designed for quick, easy installation in all applications

Supports accessories charging, including:

  • Refrigeration unit charging
  • APU charging
  • Telematics charging
  • Liftgate charging
  • Truck battery charging
  • Weatherproof and flexible panel construction for extreme durability and long system life
  • 20+ year anticipated product life
  • 4 year full product warranty (see dealer for details)

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