Why Thermo King’s TriPac Evolution Is Your Top Choice for an APU

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 Published By: Patrick Logan

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line auxiliary power unit (or an APU) with lower operating costs, higher efficiency and a great look – the Thermo King TriPac Evolution is your best choice. Why should you choose this APU over any other? Well, here are some of the great benefits of the TriPac Evolution by Thermo King.

The TriPac Evolution from Thermo King is Easy to Use

One thing (of many) is the TriPac Evolution excels in ease of use. With a simple three-knob operating system, there is no need for extensive operator training. Keep things simple with an easy design that is easy to control and monitor. The Thermo King brand also offers 24 hour, 7 days a week support – nationwide. So, if there’s a question or a problem – the company will be there to help you out. That’s some great peace of mind to come with your APU.

Cost Effective

There are so many ways that the TriPac Evolution helps to reduce your cost. From reduced weight to long maintenance intervals, the TriPac Evolution will keep your costs low and your efficiency high. This APU is low in weight, which means you won’t need to worry about extra pounds for your load. Less weight on your APU means more cargo weight for you haul. The TriPac Evolution also keeps costs low with fuel saving features. You can program the TriPac Evolution to keep things switched off during your out-of-service days, but still start reliably when you’re ready to go. Another cost-saving feature of this APU is it’s long maintenance intervals – 1500 hours long. That means fewer scheduled maintenance times throughout the year.

Get A Great Look

How your rig looks is an important aspect of your entire operation. Keeping up a great appearance is good for your company and good for you as an operator. The TriPac Evolution offers an appearance package to really raise the visual bar of your rig. There’s even a diamond plated top cover you can add to the APU to really give a great look…

When you are choosing a new APU for your rig, it’s clear why the TriPac Evolution by Thermo King is the top choice for you and your company. From cost effectiveness to overall quality, you can stand out, save money and have peace of mind with the TriPac Evolution from Thermo King.

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