Red Dot Parts and Service at Amarillo Thermo King and West Texas Thermo King

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 Published By: Patrick Logan

Red Dot designs and constructs mobile HVAC systems and components for an extensive selection of heavy duty commercial and military vehicles. As a Red Dot dealer, Amarillo Thermo King  and West Texas Thermo King are equipped to outfit nearly any existing cab with climate control. We carry the full range of Red Dot products and systems. Our team works closely with each customer to choose the proper climate control solution for their needs and budget. When selecting Red Dot climate control systems, we take the vehicle specs, cab space, and applications into consideration so you get a climate solution that is an ideal fit for your drivers and their vehicles.

HVAC systems

Red Dot features both standard and custom HVAC systems for vehicle owners and specialty equipment manufacturers. At Amarillo Thermo King  and West Texas Thermo King, our standard systems selection includes the following great Red Dot components.

Red Dot R-6100 Air-Conditioner. The R-6100 is the ideal rooftop A/C unit for trucks and other cabs that require an aerodynamic or low profile design.

Red Dot R-9777 Heater-Air-Conditioner. This rooftop A/C unit boasts a streamlined resin housing and components to withstand rugged on- and off-road environments.

Red Dot R-9976 Hydraulic Axial Direct-Drive Compressor. The direct-drive compressor is perfect for situations that don’t allow the compressor to run right from the engine.

Red Dot No-Idle Air-Conditioner R-1200 and R-1205. These no-idle units offer optimal safety, comfort, and efficiency. They’re the first battery powered electric A/C units that function independently when the engine isn’t running.

Red Dot R-5045 Heater-Air-Conditioner. This backwall HVAC unit is intended for mining, construction, and other off-road conditions that require high capacity performance.

If none of our standards units fit your qualifications, our team will help you design a custom unit. A dedicated team of engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, quality, and marketing specialists collaborate to design custom units so each system meets the customers’ durability, cab, and performance requirements. We use the most cutting edge research, test facilities, and tools available in the industry.

Our range of products and systems to help equipment owners and technicians run and maintain HVAC systems includes rooftops, backwalls, headliners, underdash heaters, ductables, hydraulic compressors, and condensers. Our state of the art technology ensures flawless performance and extended service life. For example, ProTech monitors refrigerant pressures and in the event of refrigerant loss, it will shut down the system, protecting the system and vehicle.

Red Dot replacement parts

Red Dot supplies the mobile HVAC industry with a comprehensive parts catalog. We guarantee that Red Dot replacement parts provide the same level of performance as the original parts and are backed by our product and warranty support program. Our Red Dot parts product categories are as follows.

  • Blower fans, motors, and wheels
  • Compressors, clutches, and service parts
  • Condensers
  • Controls for air, electrical, refrigerant, and water
  • Fittings and accessories
  • Heater cores and evaporator coils
  • Hoses and filters
  • Receiver driers and accessories
  • Service equipment


For the past 40 years, Amarillo Thermo King  and West Texas Thermo King have been serving customers in the greater Texas Panhandle, Permian Basin, and South Plains regions. We have fully certified THERMO KING sales and service facilities at each location to handle all of your transport refrigeration industry needs, including Red Dot services and parts. To learn more about how we can equip, service, and repair your mobile HVAC systems, contact us today.

Amarillo Thermo King and West Texas Thermo King are located in Amarillo, Lubbock, and Odessa.  We have highly skilled certified technicians ready to service your refrigeration trucks. From installing new components to repairing existing units, we have the skills, resources, and experience to provide the services you need.  To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment at a specific location, Contact Us Today (for Amarillo, call (806) 376-5837 or contact via email, for Lubbock, call (806) 763-6311 or contact via email, for Odessa, call (432) 561-9792) or contact via email).  You can also visit one of our locations convenient located near you.