Choose Thermo King to Save Green and Go Green

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 Published By: Patrick Logan

With over 75 years of experience under their belt, Thermo King is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment. The systems manufactured by the company are built to the highest quality standards and Thermo King stands by their guarantee that their reefer units will operate to the highest degree of efficiency and eco-friendliness. This helps your company save on both operation and maintenance while allowing you to provide reliable delivery service to your clients throughout the country. Ultimately, choosing Thermo King is a cost-effective decision that saves you money while helping to protect the environment from harmful emissions.

Single Temperature Refrigeration Units from Thermo King

Thermo King has three single temperature refrigeration units to choose from. The S-600, S-700, and C-600 are certified CARB Evergreen and are fully backed by the company’s promise of quality and a full warranty. These refrigeration units make it a cool breeze to deliver deep frozen loads over long distances and through whatever climactic conditions you drive through. Moreover, the units deliver double digit fuel savings and superior temperature controls that make using them as simple as pushing a few buttons.

Multi Temperature Refrigeration Units from Thermo King

Multi-temperature refrigeration units give you considerable flexibility on the types of goods you can transport. The Precedent S-600M, S-610M, C-600M, S-600DE, and S-610DE are excellent options for companies seeking to meet the specific needs of multiple clients. These refrigeration units are CARB Evergreen Certified for seven years which means Diesel Particulate FIlters are not required for their operation.

Like the single-temperature units, the multi-temperature refrigeration units deliver double digit fuel savings, superior temperature controls, and real-time fuel monitoring and recording. This makes it easy to determine whether the unit is functioning the way it should, or whether it may be time to schedule a service call.

Thermo King is Going Green

Thermo King is a leader in green technologies for refrigerated transportation solutions. Several years ago the company rolled out a new refrigerant, R-452A that reduces operating costs and increases performance and efficiency. It was among the very first steps taken by refrigeration companies to go green. Of course, companies develop new products all the time. What makes Thermo King stand out is that the company chose not to patent the product so that other companies, end users, and the environment could all benefit from the product.

Add Ons That Go The Distance

In addition to reliable refrigeration systems and eco-friendly refrigerants, Thermo King also manufactures custom accessories that can be paired with each refrigeration unit they produce. These include Thermolite Solar Panels, CargoLink Wireless Sensors, and the PrimAir Management System. These can be coupled to the trailer to enhance the performance and efficiency of the system. This further reduces operating costs and enhances reliability. Businesses can plow these savings into their business to hire more drivers, deliver more routes, and expand their operations for the long-haul ahead.

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