Why Choose the Thermo King Precedent Series

Thursday, April 13th, 2017 Published By: Patrick Logan

When your business relies on transport refrigeration, you must ensure your product reaches its customers as fresh as it was the day it was picked, packaged, or caught. In choosing the proper transport units, there are multiple factors to consider. The unit that is the best fit for an organic fruit farmer in California may not be the best fit for a Midwest market producing frozen pizzas. Thermo King gives businesses options, guaranteeing they’ll purchase the right units for their company needs. When choosing the right refrigeration unit for your needs, choose wisely, choose the Thermo King Precedent Series.

Thermo King developed the Precedent series in response to new emission guidelines.

While the Thermo King Precedent Series does adhere to the new emission guidelines, it goes above and beyond meeting a state requirement, setting the standard in transport refrigeration. The Precedent platform boasts more choices, optimal performance, and savings in both general upkeep and fuel consumption. Customers get improved fuel efficiency, reliability, and capacity, meeting their needs in full and helping them to run more efficient and ultimately, more successful operations.

The Precedent line features maximum energy efficiency

While precisely managing temperatures, ensuring load integrity and optimum fuel management; the Thermo King Precedent Series maximizes efficiency. With proven diesel-electric architecture, all refrigeration components work together seamlessly to drive efficiency and double-digit fuel savings. The Precedent line also boasts a web-enabled tracking system to monitor conditions in real time from virtually any location.

The Thermo King Precedent Series offers a solution for Thermo King customers

The Precedent Series features two levels of product: the S-series and the C-series. The S-series is evergreen CARB and EPA compliant while the C-series is 7-years CARB compliant in California and evergreen EPA compliant nationwide.

The line includes five models, each of which boasts distinctive, differentiating features. The S-600M and S-610M are Precedent’s premier models. These multi-temp units both offer greater than 25 HP, CARB and EPA evergreen compliance, and excellent fuel economy. Customers experience up to 34% savings in fuel expenses over previous models.

The C-600M multi-temp unit offers less than 25 HP, EPA evergreen compliance, and 7-years CARB compliance. Customers experience up to 15% fuel savings over previous models. The unit features stellar efficiency and reliability alongside optimal temperature control. It is an excellent option for businesses who must meet a 7-year CARB compliance or who don’t run their operations in California.

The S-600DE and S-610DE multi-temp units offer greater than 25 HP and carb and EPA evergreen compliance. These models are designed for a select customer niche who have a unique trailer configuration with two long zones. Eliminating the need to add remote evaporators inside of the trailer reduces upfront and installation costs while still providing excellent fuel economy.

The Thermo King Precedent series goes beyond offering a product to customers.

Thermo King not only offers great products in the Precedent Series, but they also offer an invaluable service. Knowledgeable, experienced staff assist customers in choosing the products that will best meet their needs and preferences. They also provide ongoing support to ensure the units continue to operate flawlessly for uninterrupted business transactions.

For more than 75 years, Thermo King has provided top-notch products and performance to its customizers. We’re proud to operate more than 200 factory-trained, authorized service locations throughout North America. The Thermo King staff strives to help every customer find the optimal solution for their specific transport temperature control needs. Contact us today to learn more about the Precedent series and our other products.

We look forward to working with you.

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