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Your Thermo King Unit Is Only As Good As Its Parts – Rely On Genuine Thermo King Parts

Friday, March 30th, 2018 Published By: Patrick Logan

When it comes to replacing components on your Thermo King refrigeration unit, only genuine Thermo King parts will do. Using genuine parts is the best and most effective method of ensuring peak performance of the unit as it cruises down the road from warehouse to delivery point.

Every component forms part of a contained system and it is crucial that each component within that system is designed to perform its specific function flawlessly and in conjunction with the operation of other components. That is what you receive when you choose genuine Thermo King components. Conversely, when you choose products produced by third parties, those components may be designed to function well on their own, but they are not designed with the function of the entire system in mind. This can cause performance issues down the road.

The electrical system is among the most critical elements within the Thermo King refrigeration unit and it is imperative that the alternators, sensors, starters, and other components maintain an efficient and steady flow of power to the system. When the electrical system fails, it’s only a matter of time before the cargo spoils. Each of the electrical components manufactured by Thermo King are designed for maximum durability and streamlined performance.

Engines are another critical component that it’s not worth saving extra money on to purchase lower quality parts produced by third parties. Thermo King engines are designed to be CARB compliant for seven years. They are also easy to switch out and interchange which makes it possible to further retrofit and streamline the efficient operation of the unit. With a low lifecycle cost, it’s an investment in quality that pays considerable dividends with every mile traveled.

Of course, there is no substitute for a reliable compressor. It is the heart of every Thermo King refrigeration unit and while it can be tempting to save a few dollars on the initial purchase cost, the long-term costs of operation and lost efficiency add up quickly. Genuine Thermo King compressors are designed to operate at peak performance levels and deliver a steady flow of cold air over your cargo that won’t chill your wallet. Moreover, genuine Thermo King compressors have repeatedly demonstrated that their cooling capacity is far greater than any within the industry. Further, the compressors manufactured by Thermo King are designed to reduce fuel consumption and deliver significantly longer lifespans than other units. Coupled with solid reliability, this makes Thermo King compressors wise investments that allow you to save money and invest it in expanding your operations rather than spending it on repeated service and maintenance calls.

Thermo King covers their components with one of the strongest warranties in the industry. This warranty covers the unit throughout the country which gives you nationwide support when components fail and the unit needs servicing. The vast support network established by the company includes over 200 authorized dealers across the country which means that you are never far away from a qualified repair technician. This reduces downtime and means that when something happens you can have it quickly repaired and get back on the road.

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