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Thermo King Innovation Is Driving The Future Of Refrigerated Transport

Thursday, September 28th, 2017 Published By: Patrick Logan

Technology is making it more efficient and effective to deliver the goods and services clients and consumers depend on. As time gets short and distances stay the same, it has never been more important for carriers to have the best tools to keep their loads rolling down the road. Thermo King has long been a leader in the refrigeration unit market and their new temperature controlled units incorporate significant technological advancements that make them easier to use, easier to manage, and easier to maintain. The reefers they are producing enhance connectivity and give businesses the data-driven intelligence they need to make better decisions regarding their fleets, routes, and schedules.

Thermo King Innovation Means Big Savings

Thermo King is innovating both single and multi-temperature refrigeration units. These innovations are designed to cut fuel consumption and have the ability to reduce fuel consumption by between 10-20% which can add up quickly as the fleet rolls towards its destination. The company has also included improved telematics that provides drivers full information on the conditions within the reefer, the conditions of the cargo, and any issues that may be developing. This information is also transmitted back to the unit’s dispatch so that it can be tracked and addressed in real-time.

Thermo King Innovation Brings Remote Control To The Market Place

The remote unit management and data transfer features with Thermo King refrigeration units make it easy to remotely control conditions within the reefer. This means that dispatch or the driver can make adjustments without having to be physically present. This saves time, saves money, and most certainly, can save a load from thawing or melting along the way.

Thermo King Innovation Means Precision

In addition to the advanced telematics, new Thermo King refrigeration units are more precise in their measurements. The Precision Temperature Controls are so precise that they reduce deviations in the temperature reading by 80% and can control the temperature to within roughly.15 degrees of the setting. This creates considerable reductions in fuel usage that literally keep money from flying out of the back of the truck. Further, the system can be pre-programmed to meet the client’s precise specifications regarding optimal temperature settings for the produce and other goods they wish to transport.

Thermo King Innovation Promotes Environmental Friendliness

Thermo King refrigeration units also offer a significantly reduced impact on the environment. Lower engine speed and reduced fuel consumption are possible because the condenser coil is 27% larger than in the past. Each new reefer cuts CO2 emissions by as much as 2.4 tons or roughly 15% greater than previous models. Thermo King refrigeration units also feature the more efficient R-252A refrigerant which is far less harmful than the older R-404A.

Thermo King Innovation Has An Eye On The Future

The company has even produced Hybrid trailers that enhance savings, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Indeed, the fuel savings on a Hybrid unit can add up to 1,500 gallons or more per year. And, it is just the beginning. The company has pledged to take even greater steps in the future to reduce the impact of their reefer units on the environment and by 2020 the company aims to reduce the impact of the refrigerants they use by more than 50%. This commitment and the other advancements the company is introducing in their trailers means that companies that utilize Thermo King for their clients will be well positioned to drive long into the future.

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