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Thermo King Technician Training and Certifications

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 Published By: Patrick Logan

Thermo King technicians receive comprehensive education, training, and certification in order to provide the best service and repair for truck refrigeration components and units. Thermo King has placed a high priority on creating high quality products and then offering stellar support to their customers. This philosophy is just as central to the present day Thermo King organization as it was the day they opened their doors. The Thermo King Education Center is renown in the field for their utmost level of technical coursework and training sessions and general, ongoing education classes and events.

The Thermo King Education Center classes and seminars are intended to further participants’ ability in the following three areas.

  • Technical knowledge of Thermo King units and the industry as a whole
  • Critical thinking skills for problem solving diagnoses and service procedures
  • Expertise and skill in refrigeration truck service and repair as well as general maintenance

Among other course offerings, there are training sessions in risk management and food safety as well as general continuing education. Throughout the year, Thermo King offers a number of training events, awareness seminars, and certification programs for its technicians.

The Thermo King Education Center provides a wide selection of classroom settings, teaching styles, product lines, and course levels. Every Thermo King technician is sure to find a course with a learning environment and teaching style that meets their needs and is appropriate for their particular position within the company.

The Thermo King Education Center is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It boasts cutting edge Thermo King units and technologies in generously sized labs and classrooms. The Minneapolis education center serves as a hub for the center’s expert staff. The trained professionals who educate the Thermo King technicians year after year bring a wealth of experience in a range of fields. The technicians benefit highly from taking courses from professionals who have such a wide knowledge base from years of field experience.

When you’re in need of support, you’ll receive assistance from fully trained and certified providers who are prepared to service the entire line of Thermo King products and units. With support staff on call 24 hours a day, seven days week, you receive the support you need as soon as you need it.

We look forward to working with you.

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